St. Julie's Youth Group

St. Julie Billiart Youth Group shares the mission of the parish: to be a place where everyone is welcome and Christ is seen in each person. The group is composed of approximately 60 students, including Youth Leaders, between the ages of 12 and 18. Youth Leaders are trained to run Youth Group completely. They learn to listen well, to facilitate small group activities and discussions, and to speak in front of and manage large groups.  Our Youth Leaders learn invaluable skills while serving the larger group: they recognize themselves and one another as children of God, they become very attentive to the concerns and conditions of other students in their groups, and they become sensitive to the conditions of the world around them.  

The students vary greatly in their development in faith. Although they have all had their Sacraments, some come to church on an irregular basis.  But St. Julie's Youth Group is a place where they can gather and talk about their faith, and about their lives. They share what it means to be a Catholic teen here and now. The questions they raise are often not easy, but they are always relevant.  Our Youth Leaders are hard-working and committed, not because they get receive credit for participation, but because they truly desire to serve their community. 

St. Julie Billiart Youth Group participates in various retreats, usually held at the Sullivan Center. Although simple, these are extremely valuable, as they allow the students to experience a “time out” from the hectic pace of life, to reflect on their identities as children of God, and to get to know one another better. 

What’s New?

Last summer, Youth Leaders participated in their first off-site retreat experience. Fourteen leaders, accompanied by six chaperones, worked with Youth Organizer Deidre Savino, PACT organizer Lourdes Mieses, and Julia Claire Landry, a Campus Minister and Retreat Director from Santa Clara University. The group sharpened their leadership skills, especially in the area of compassionate listening. They participated in meditations and workshops on various parts of Mass, and held a reflection on the Blessed Mother and the issue of teenage pregnancy. The retreat closed with a wonderful Mass in which every Youth Leader participated.  The leadership team was thrilled to have this chance to strengthen their abilities, expand their Catholic knowledge, and develop deeper rapport and camaraderie.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When and where is Youth Group held? 

A.  Youth Group is mostly held in the Sullivan Center at St Julie’s. 

Q. Is there a fee to participate in Youth Group? 

A. Yes, the requested registration fee is $90.00 per year, per child, to participate. In the case of three or more students in a family, a maximum of $200.00 per family is requested.

Q. How old are the students in Youth Group? 

A. The students are between the ages of 12 and 18.

Q. Is there an adult supervisor for the group? 

A. Yes, there is an adult Youth Organizer at all sessions, and often other adults sit in as well.

Q. What kinds of topics are discussed at Youth Group? 

A. Students discuss a wide variety of complex issues which impact their own lives as well as those of the global community. Recently, Youth Group engaged in difficult conversation about the rise in teen suicides and the damage of not recognizing individuals as children of God. Before Halloween, they learned about forced child labor, sweatshops, and the child slavery in Africa which is tied to the production of chocolate. The students received information about Fair Trade chocolate so that they might inform their friends and neighbors during Halloween.

Q. Do the students organize any social activities or fundraisers? 

 A. Yes. For example over the summer, the Youth Leaders held a fundraiser selling fresh lemonade after all the Masses, and raised over $200. Plans are underway for future fundraisers.

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