Quinceañera (sometimes also called Fiesta Quinceañera or simply quinces) is the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America and elsewhere in communities of immigrants from Latin America. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other birthday, as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. The celebration, however, varies significantly across countries, with celebrations in some countries taking on, for example, more religious overtones than in others.

At St Julie’s, we welcome and embrace strong cultural traditions and believe they should be placed appropriately into the faith life of the teen. As such, we place emphasis on cultivating discipleship through ministry and active participation in the church.

The requirements for celebrating the quinceañera at St Julie’s include:

The quinceañera celebrant must register and participate in Youth Group at St Julie’s for one year. (The cost for youth group is $90.00). See more information on Youth Group.

The girl must have already celebrated her sacrament of confirmation or be in the process of preparing for the sacrament.

The family must meet with the quinceañera coordinator after registration in the Youth Group to make schedule arrangements.

The fee for the quinceañera celebration is $750.00, which includes the cost of the coordinator but does not include flowers, music, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we pick the date and time?

A. Yes, pending availability of the church and priest.


Q. Are these private or group celebrations?

A. Quinceañeras are always private masses.


Q. When do we have to pay the fee?

A. You will need to pay the deposit of at least $100 to hold the date. The rest of the fee is due in full prior to the celebration.

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